The Year of Small Magics

DSC_0236In 2016, I want the focus to be on the moment I am living in, and to try and make that happen:

1) I will find something beautiful in every single day. No matter what other things are going on, I will find something beautiful and I will acknowledge its loveliness. I will make a note of it in my diary.

2) I will take a photograph of something every day. Nature, or food, or a view, or just something visually pleasing. A good one. One that takes thought and time to compose. I will really look at it then I will capture it.

3) I will go outside every day. No matter the weather. I will walk or cycle, and breathe fresh air and use my legs, and my arms, and my lungs, and my heart.

4) I will eat good food. Food that looks and tastes beautiful. I will make mealtimes an event to look forward to, rather than a refuelling pit-stop.

6tag_160915-1742255) I will spend more time with the people I love.

6) I will make something – I will write, or make jewellery, or cards, or do something artistic every day.

7) I will light candles. I will curl up on nests of cushions with thick throws. I will have long baths. I will wear a nice dress, even around the house. I will brush my hair. I will slather myself in moisturiser. I will paint my toenails ridiculous colours. I will add luxury to every day until I forget not to.

8) I will stop seeking the attention and approval of people who don’t value me. I will blow them into the wind like dandelion clocks.

9) I will stop investing time in things that don’t interest me. I will learn to be confident when I say ‘that doesn’t interest me’. I will learn not to try and explain why. I don’t have to.

10) I will stop buying ‘things’. In 2016, for every tangible new ‘thing’ – book, CD, DVD, item of clothing, pointless-knickknack-I-liked-the-look-of, etc. – that I buy, I have to give away two other things I already own of the same kind.

11) I will learn to walk away. And to not look back.

12) I will stop running away.

13) But I won’t stop going away. I want more world. More strange streets, and foreign languages, and foods I can’t pronounce. More getting lost. More finding things. More open skies and seas. More impossibility.

I will make all of these small magics into real things. I will put them out into the world and then I’ll reel them back in. That will be my 2016. The Year of Small Magics.

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