The Sin Eater’s Daughter, in picture form. OR: Look At This Collection Of Pictures Which I Assembled Instead Of Writing A Post, Even Though Writing A Post Would Have Probably Taken Less Time.

Ok so, I haven’t blogged for ages, which is ridiculous because a lot of really brilliant things have happened. I could have blogged about all of the events I’ve done; festivals, bookshop talks, conventions. I could have blogged about how I fell down on the floor, screeching, when I found out I’d been nominated for the CILIP Carnegie Award (THE CARNEGIE AWARD), and also shortlisted for the North East Book Award 2016 (SHORTLISTED). There’s some stuff I can’t talk about, and kind of want to, but will hopefully be able to soon.

There’s some non-book related stuff too, like how I gatecrashed Trevor Nunn’s War of the Roses aftershow party, or how I got to hang out with Leigh Bardugo and she bought us flower crowns (that is a bit book related, actually). I went to Wales with Sara Megan and Katie Webber and we had a right old time (also, pretty book related). I’m going to New York next week (will end up being book related, bet you 20p).

All stuff I could have written a post about. But instead, I give you this graphic representation of The Sin Eater’s Daughter. Which to be honest, probably took longer to source and sequence than writing would have.

Twylla's move to the castle

castleTwylla's fall

flowers dying

queen 2


Lief's seduction Twylla falling  
kiss  Merek's rage queen gifmerek 1   green eye tear fall gifdandelion two