Poland and Pictures!

pierogi 2

Pierogi festival in Maly Rynek, Krakow, August 2012

Tiny little post, firstly to say that the very wonderful Zielona Sowa in Poland have bought the rights to the entire The Sin Eater’s Daughter trilogy, so all three books will be published in Polish, in Poland, beginning next year! Updates on dates and covers and general exited flailing will happen as and when.

Naturally I’ll be stuffing my face with pierogi and kielbasa in the very near future in celebration! If you’ve not tried pierogies, you’ve gone really wrong in life.


Pierogi Ruskie – AKA “My Faves”

I’d also like to share with you this amazing picture of Twylla from The Sin Eater’s Daughter, drawn by the crazy talented Alice Oseman, who shares an agent with me (hence having read the book early enough to make art about it). Alice, when she’s not studying English Lit or drawing ludicrously beautiful pictures, is the author of Solitaire: “The Catcher in the Rye for the digital age”. It’s worth a look, she’s pretty cool.

the sin eater's daughter pic

Twylla from The Sin Eater’s Daughter, drawn by Alice Oseman.

Isn’t it incredible?! Speak soon xxx