Olá Brasil and Vive la France!

Olá and bonjour!

I have EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS. As the Sherlock fans amongst you may have deduced, there’s a smattering of Portuguese and French in this here post… And that is because it’s my very great pleasure to announce that The Sin Eater’s Daughter will be published by Editora Rocco in Brazil and Gallimard Jeunesse in France! THEREBY CONTINUING MY GLOBAL TAKEOVER.

Let’s see that visual representation again:
artist impression


I know.

I’m in some very good company with both Editora Rocco, and Gallimard Jeunesse (they publish the Brazilian and French versions of some of my favourite books, respectively), and it’s an honour to be published by them. I’m very excited, not least because it means new cover art and translations! As soon as I have more details about publication dates, etc. I’ll share them, and of course the cover art!

Finally, the beautiful cover for The Sin Eater’s Daughter, designed by Jamie Gregory at Scholastic UK, is in the running for Mr Ripley’s Book Cover Wars. It’s in the first heat and it’s up against some really stiff competition. It’s doing really well so far, which is astounding considering the book isn’t out, but a great testament to how beautiful Jamie’s work is. The poll ends at midnight tonight, so if you haven’t already and would like to, I’d appreciate the votes! Of course you can vote for someone else if you like, I did, so I understand.

I think that’s it for now.